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Design of the Week


Creativity gets a weekly boost with the new Design of the Week! There’s one for every week of the year, and the best bit is that they are totally free!
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Create Your Style is Celebrating 120 Years of Swarovski

A collection of exclusive designs, collected in a terrific eMagazine! Craft Ideas presents to you a host of inspiration and ingenious creations.

Mini Projects

Fast and Easy – Mini Projects

Now you can create your style, super fast and super easy – with the new Mini Projects designed by the Swarovski Create your Style Design Team America.


Sew in style with Swarovski crystals

The sky is the limit - be creative with Swarovski crystals! Grab the chance to create stunning designs with Swarovski crystals using different textile techniques from quilting, sewing, crocheting as well as the innovative product Crystal Yarn.

One in a billion

Chic and unique with the brilliant XILION Bead

Be creative with the outstanding Swarovski XILION Bead which elates with its one-of-a-kind brilliance and intense luminosity.

Love is in the Air: The CREATE YOUR STYLE Wedding Promotion

Create your style for a perfect wedding!

When too much romance and glamour is never enough! The completely unique, utterly creative and sparkling designs should inspire you to prepare a wonderful day!

Design Inspirations

Design Inspirations

Let yourself inspire by these amazing inspirational designs from various countries created with Swarovski crystals.

Zoey’s Favorites

Inspired by the latest trends, created with love and low time & financial investment we are presenting you “Zoey’s Favorites”!
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For Weddings and Special Occasions

A collection of exclusive designs for Weddings and all important Special Occasions, collected in a terrific eMagazine! Craft Ideas presents to you a host of inspiration and ingenious creations.


CYS Project Calendar

Our 2014 calendar offers you thirteen gorgeous projects to make using Swarovski crystals - a must for any crystal enthusiast.
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Brilliant Briolette

The Bead with Style

With a name that aptly stems from brio, Italian for ‘liveliness’ and ‘vivacity’, the Briolette Bead delivers a bravura performance in all its applications. Teardrop-shaped, with exquisitely cut, long triangular facets, it catches and plays with the light, bathing the wearer in shimmering radiance.


Evertything you need to know about GLUING

A wonderful way to enhance creativity. Have fun with the instruction package.


Creative Designs for Beading-Enthusiasts!

Get inspired and have fun with the wonderful designs!


Be inspired by beautiful books presenting sparkling designs created with Swarovski crystals!

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