September 2017

Crystal Innovations for FW18/19

Swarovski Launch

Swarovski’s new crystal innovations for FW18/19 are dedicated to ‘Light and Shadow’, with four resulting trends: Funtasia, Nostalgia, Elegantia and Urbania. Plus, new Designer Edition Crystals by Iris van Herpen—entitled Growing Crystal—are debuted, alongside 3D Studs inspired by the visionary designer.


September 2017

Bag Charm Frieda

Design of the Week

Add a playful touch to a classic bag with this detachable, fluffy pom-pom bag charm full of humor and personality. It just begs to be stroked! Sew sparkling Pavé Pendants directly onto the pompom and watch people smile.


September 2017

Arm Candy

Trend of the Month

It’s not enough to tote a clutch or cross-body bag these days—anyone can do that. Now it’s all about putting your stamp on it, getting creative with customization, and setting your own fashion standards. Giving your accessory its own accessory, if you like.

We’re talking bold embellishment with a more-is-more attitude. Floral motifs get updated with 3D applications for a hyper-real feel—Fendi and Prada showed this look on their runways. Gem-encrusted patterns have elaborate, oversized design details. Irony and wit, fun and femininity rule supreme. Think decorative charms dangling gracefully from a chain strap; playful winks from emoji appliqués; daisy chains woven through a shoulder strap; heart shapes that have a “pop” feel; or spectacular crystals that will elevate an otherwise unremarkable bag to something out of this world. Go grown-up, girly, or simply gorgeous, but start dancing to your own fashion tune, any which way you want!


August 2017


High Tech Edelweiss by Anouk Wipprecht

Ever thought about learning how to make your own wearable technology? It’s not as hard as it sounds, because fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht has designed a beautiful piece of jewelry that also functions as an accessible DIY tutorial for simple coding and electronics: the #HighTechEdelweiss necklace. She created it under the “Swarovski Innovator In Residency program” (#Swarovski_IIR) and was inspired by the rare alpine flower found near Swarovski’s headquarters in Wattens. Symbolic of the rugged beauty and purity associated with the Austrian Alps, and traditionally given as a token of loving dedication, the Edelweiss’ striking silhouette made the ideal starting point. Next, she imagined it as a flower with LED power, its built-in light sensors showcasing three light animations that will illuminate an outfit in spectacular style.

The idea is that you can either 3D-print the opaque flower shape yourself or buy it from Shapeways. The other custom parts can be ordered from Aisler, or you can mill them yourself using the EAGLE files. Then download the free and fully open source project instructions from the “Instructables“ website to get programming and soldering. All the necessary tools are listed there, too. Wipprecht takes you step-by-step through how to build the crystal-studded LED necklace, and it should take only a couple of hours!

Twelve intrepid novice makers attended a Werkstatte Wattens workshop at FabLab Wattens on August 10 to create their own #HighTechEdelweiss. Christian Teissl and Christian Perfler, plus Simon Berchtold of Alpin3D, helped everyone have enormous fun while learning lots of new skills. Werkstatte Wattens is a great initiative that encourages everyone to learn how to get creative with technology—young or old. Innovation and experiment is for all, so do check out the website to find out more. In the meantime, get creative and light up the night in style with your very own High Tech Edelweiss.

To view the Edelweiss project, please visit:

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August 2017

Apollinariya Koprivnik

Jewelry Creator

How did you discover your passion for jewelry design?
While I was studing architecture on my faculty, I felt that I have a need to fulfill my creative side with something else, more than design. I've tried many different types of art – painting, cardmaking, cold porcelain and etc. during years, but I realized that beads, semi precious stones and Swarovski components are that part of me, it was always there - hidden and waiting its way to shine. This materials help me to show myself in the jewelry that I create, to tell the story using texture, color, variety of shapes and its grace.

What do you like the most in your activity?
I think its versatility. So many ways to express the mood, to put your own point of you into your creation. This type of art is clean, gentle, delicate and so sophisticated. It is such a pleasure to get new materials, to include them into jewelry.

What is the best and the worst memories as a creator?
Worst memory is my fear. Fear to leave architecture and to decide to be a fulltime jewerly designer. It was very hard emotionally to let it go and completely dive in other area, introducing my style.
It is hard to define the best memory, since I feel that everything that is connected with my activity is full of joy. Each competition, each publication, each successful design, realisation of my studio are pieces of the puzzle that inspire and help to move forward.

Which advice would you give to a beginner who is afraid to start?
Just to enjoy the whole process of creating. Not to think about how I would sell it, would people like it, would I be able to make it as my main job. It is all about art, creativity and inspiration, everything else will come one day if you feel that it reflects you. Or keep searching, just be open to yourself and BE yourself, not someone else.

If you were a bead, which one would you like to be? Why?
This question makes me smile but actually I know exactly which bead I would be !
Definitely Miyuki delica. No doubts, I would be Miyuki delica 11/0 color DB0021, nickel. It is my favourite color, my favourite coating and my favourite shape. Just perfect for any jewelry for techniques as bead embroidery or bead weaving, a « must have » bead.

If you were an element, which one would you like to be? Why?
Claps. Very good quality one, without oxidation. It should be comfortable, proper size and suitable for a jewelry style. So I think this element is very important.

If you were a Swarovski composant, which one would you like to be? Why?
I use many Swarovski crystals in my jewelry, I have many beloved ones – I would say pear shaped fancy stone or, no wait ! Chaton SS39 or maybe some beautiful pendant, but the most useful Swarovski element for me is a xilion bead or bicone bead size 3mm. So my vote goes to it. So small but yet so important. Multifaceted it makes jewelry pop-up and shine.

Forget the beads, which creative area would you like to explore?
I am fascinated with clothing desing. Tailoring and embroidery are just a perfect match. I think that one day I would like to expand the horizon and to try that area. I think it is so feminine and has a huge diversity of choices.

Thank you to Apollinariya for answering to all our questions.

Interviewed by Perles & Co

For more information about her and her work, visit her website

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