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Lilian Chen

Country: USA

Design/Expertise-related information

What technique(s) are you particularly focusing on?
Wire, metal, weaving, fabric cord knotting and stringing

Since when have you already been holding workshops?
I have benn teaching weekly workshops at a local community center since 2003.

What fascinates you about using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS?
Unique shiny colors, sizes and shapes

What is your favorite SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS color?
I love them all. For designer we need more choices, and you offer all these incredible unique color effects, such as Crystal Satin AB, Crystal AB 2x, Crystal Silver Shade and Crystal Golden Shadow.

What is your favorite SWAROVSKI ELEMENT?
I love them all. Different shapes & different colors can create lots of different exquisite designs. My favorite is any kind SWAROVSKSI ELEMENTS big-sized crystal.

What is your favorite design you have ever created with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS?
The one I created for the CREATE YOUR STYLE Design Contest 2008 (semi finalist).

Personal information

What are your hobbies?
Interested in any kind of craft, music, movies, trips, computer game and search new stuff

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Creative, positive and talkative

What would you definitely take with you on a lonely island?
Computer, cell phone, craft book, snacks, wire, cord, cutter, pen, matches and pliers

What is the first thing at the day you usually do?
Open the computer to check e-mails

What is your motto of life?
Never give up, do my best as I can

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