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2014/05/28 - 2014/06/09

CREATE YOUR STYLE at the 2014 Bead & Button

CREATE YOUR STYLE at the 2014 Bead & Button Show

2014/03/17 - 2014/04/20

Spring is here with sparkling promotions!

Create your own sparkling designs and bask in the luxury of Swarovski crystals all year long.

2014/02/24 - 2014/12/31

Meet the Professor of Crystal!

Join Nick Regine, the Professor of Crystal to learn various techniques to add sparkle to your life!

2014/04/21 - 2014/06/01

The latest Innovations are here!

Check out some of your favorite retailers carryinig Swarovski crystals.


The Professor of Crystal @ the 2014 MJSA Expo New York

Meet the Professor of Crystal

2014/02/02 - 2014/02/14

CREATE YOUR STYLE at 2014 Tucson Shows

The annual shows in Tucson/Arizona are approaching – and of course also a lot of our customers as well as CREATE YOUR STYLE Ambassadors will be present. Make sure to visit their booths & enjoy the unique sparkle of Swarovski crystals!

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