INNOVATIONS: Autumn/Winter 2011/12


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Contrasting themes, colors and cuts characterize SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ innovations for Autumn/Winter 2011/12. Design trends celebrating the power of nature are seen in butterfly- and cloverleaf-shaped crystals, together with colors that suggest glittering nights and sunflower bursts. Elsewhere, timeless, nostalgic moods and styles are enlivened by positive, forward-looking and even frivolous designs.

New colors, new faith in the future
The latest colors to grace the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS palette bring gravitas and optimism in equal measure.


Reflecting the trend towards classic, unobtrusive elegance, Crystal Silver Night gives the tonal depth of night time a silvery, translucent finish. Added to a monochromatic scheme, it breathes authority and sophistication; used with contrasting colors, it lends designs a quiet dignity.


The color of summer, Sunflower radiates happiness and warmth. In the Western world, yellow carries the promise of a positive future; in the East it represents courage, commerce and peace. A unisex hue, it stands out from surrounding tones.

Nature and nostalgia inspire the latest SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
In step with current catwalk trends, the latest innovations look back in order to move forward, and draw on nature and botanics for inspiration.

The latest additions to the Cabochon Flat Back assortment perfectly capture the nostalgic mood: on-trend pearl-effect elements in lustrous shades of white, rose, grey and brown. The same innovations will be introduced to the Transfers line, paving the way for pearl motifs and designs in a wide range of classic pearl effects for the first time. Symbolizing birth, reinvention, and the ability to take flight, the Butterfly Flat Back (No Hotfix) recalls the unfettered freedom of childhood. Attuned to the popular design themes of fantasy and whimsy, this element can be easily glued to virtually any material. The contrasting ultra-chic, geometric Cosmic Flat Back is now available as Hotfix, in the same colors and effects as its best-selling No Hotfix counterpart.

The Sew-on Stones product group has been augmented by several innovations. Clearly differentiated from other embroidery products, the unique and versatile Lochrose provides customizable possibilities across the fashion and interiors design spectrum. Equally adaptable is the elegant, 1950s-inspired Hexagon Sew-on Stone, a sleek, streamlined crystal ideal for decorating soft fashion accessories and jewelry. Expanding on the success of the asymmetric Art Deco De-Art Pendant, the De-Art Sew-on Stone is well suited for creating modern floral motifs and other pared-back designs.

New introductions to the Fancy Stones assortment include the XILION Oval, a crystal unmatched in brilliance, as well as four other cuts ranging from classic to avant-garde: the Nautilus, Sphinx Eye, De-Art Flat and De-Art Fancy Stone. With the focus for this season on diameters of more than 4 mm, these easily applied Crystal Stones offer myriad possibilities for embellishing jewelry, shoes, handbags, belts and textiles. For the first time, too, unplated settings are available for loose Crystal Stones.

East meets West in two striking additions to the Beads assortment. The exotically elegant Lucerna Bead (‘lucerna’ is Latin for lantern) was inspired by Chinese lanterns and gives a new dimension to contemporary pieces, especially clustered and threaded jewelry. In contrast, the Clover Bead mimics the shape of the four-leaf clover, a centuries-old western symbol of good fortune. Ideal as a lucky charm, the naïve romance of this shape also makes it well suited to a host of other jewelry and accessory designs. In a series of line extensions, five of the best-selling beads now sport larger holes, answering the trend towards threading on leather, metal chain and thick fabric threads.

The Pendant range is augmented by a blend of traditional and cutting-edge shapes. With its sunray-like facets, the Art Deco-inspired oval Helios Pendant is bold and luxurious, providing a strong contemporary direction for fashion, accessories and jewelry. The sophisticated interplay of large and small facets in the ultra-chic, timeless XILION Mini Pear Pendant makes it ideal for delicate jewelry creations. A new interpretation of the much-loved heart symbol, the Wild Heart Pendant owes its elongated shape and asymmetric faceting to the nostalgic mood sweeping through the design world.


Crystal Prints are now available on Crystal Stones in both Pendants and Beads product range. Three of the most popular SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are decorated with three different motifs, creating a beautiful contrast between crystal transparency and graphic, black prints.

Inspired by the past, sparked by the future
On-trend, forward looking and light-filled, the latest examples of crystal innovations from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS motivate designers to articulate their craft to the delight of audiences all over the world.

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