INNOVATIONS: Spring/Summer 2013

 Innovations Spring/Summer 2013
 Innovations Spring/Summer 2013
 Innovations Spring/Summer 2013
 Innovations Spring/Summer 2013
 Innovations Spring/Summer 2013


For SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, creative innovation in Spring/Summer 2013 is all about authenticity. Challenging times highlight the importance of togetherness, loyalty and traditional values. These social qualities are reflected in precision-cut crystals that fuse beauty and technology in sparkling additions of pure simplicity, romantic playfulness and ethnic vibrancy.

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Spring/Summer 2013’s new colors and effects
Crystal Pearls Gemcolors
Wave Family
The latest XILION cut
Rivoli Snowflake and Butterfly Fancy Stone
Column Bead
Chessboard Family

Innovation Design Feature - Spring/Summer 2013
Be inspired by the stunning design pieces created with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS by the CREATE YOUR STYLE Design Team. Don't miss the step-by-step instructions for two sparkling necklaces!
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Mini Projects Innovations Spring/Summer 2013
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Seductive simplicity – Spring/Summer 2013’s new colors and effects

 New Color Rose Peach

Bold, yet subtly romantic, the new color Rose Peach recalls the delicacy of cherry blossom and the heady fragrance of late-summer English roses. Ideal for ethnic jewelry, as well as dreamy vintage looks for daywear.

 Innovations Rose Peach Pearl

The new color Rose Peach is softly complemented by the new Crystal Rose Peach Pearl.

 New Crystal Blend Colors

Burgundy-Blue Zircon Blend, which belongs to the Crystal Blends assortment, morphs two colors, Blue Zircon and Burgundy, into a single element, recalling the richness of a late Mediterranean sunset. The second new Crystal Blend, namely soothing Fern Green-Topaz Blend conjures the meditative tranquility of woodland at dusk, harking back to a simpler era.

 New Effect Crystal Luminous Green

Meanwhile, the new effect Crystal Luminous Green is set to become a new classic: a shimmering green to violet that subtly changes with the play of light, it warms up cold colors, working as well for sci-fi and fantasy-inspired creations as for serene, romantic designs.

Hot on the heels of the launch of Crystal Bermuda Blue and Crystal Tabac with their new protective layer lacquer system, two effects have joined the assortment: Crystal Vitrail Medium and Crystal Comet Argent Light. Both effects are suitable for Beads and Pendants.

The richly opaque finish provided by flawless Crystal Pearls Gemcolors perfectly mimics genuine ivory, turquoise, jade, coral and lapis. The softer shades evoke the romantic nostalgia of vintage looks, while the brighter colors add a dash of panache to ethnic and tribal designs, recalling the diverse cultures of our planet. From the colorful ornamentation of the Cherokee to the untamed beauty of Africa, and the holy symbolism of Tibetan artifacts to the magnificent adornments of Ancient Egypt, they lend exotic allure to jewelry and accessories. Available for Crystal Pearls and the Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix, as well as Crystal Pearl Buttons and Crystal Pearl Rivets, the wide range of color possibilities means that they go perfectly with all four of this season’s trend themes.

A versatile new product family makes waves
With its innovative shape and the artistic twist it brings to designs, the versatility of the new Wave Family is limitless. Reminiscent of the motion of the ocean in appearance, these SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS lend themselves to marine-themed looks, but also add tempo to designs with a rock 'n' roll edge. Again, they fit easily into the kind of lavish mosaic-style ornamentation associated with Indian palaces, while possessing the paradoxical ability to express fragile, lacey patterns as beautifully as bold, woven patterns. Equally effective in striking geometric rows as in highly complicated designs, they come in Flat Back No Hotfix and Hotfix, Bead, Pendant and as base articles for Transfers. Colors and sizes are harmonized throughout the product family.

Yet more crystal innovation
The Round Stone category of loose SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS boasts updates for three of its members: XILION Chaton, Rivoli Chaton and Round Stone, all of which have received additional new colors and effects, offering greater variety and combination possibilities.

The unmatched brilliance of the latest XILION cut
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ advanced stone-cutting technology has yielded unrivaled results over its 117 years in business, but few match the complexity of the multi-faceted XILION cut. Created using a technique so revolutionary that it is copyright protected, its asymmetric facets refract the light like no other crystal. Now SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has refined it further with the introduction of the new 2038 XILION Rose Hotfix. This will be used across the entire Crystaltex assortment, as well as for Transfers, giving fresh brilliance to textiles trimmed with this easy-to-use, glittering fabric. Available in a vast range of more than 80 colors and effects, its new mirror (made of real silver) intensifies colors, giving a warmer, brighter look. It can be identified by the rose-gold color on the reverse side of the element.

Dainty little Marguerite Lochrose, the flower-shaped Sew-on Stone often seen shimmering on bridal gowns and eveningwear, possesses an almost magical power to transform textiles and accessories into bespoke, luxury items. Now available in a broader range of colors and effects, it offers myriad design possibilities.

The Fancy Stone category welcomes four charming new SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The wintry Rivoli Snowflake Fancy Stone conjures the discreet elegance of icy flowers and glacial stars. Rivoli Butterfly Fancy Stone is unmistakably just that – a delicate butterfly caught mid-flight that combines beautifully with romantic Crystal Pearl shades. The classic organic shape of Shell Fancy Stone offers two interpretations: used on beachwear, it awakens memories of seaside holidays and romantic walks on the shore; but when inverted and combined with classic geometric shapes, it gives a definite nod to Art Deco, a big fashion influence this season. The line-up is completed by the wonderfully adaptable Organic Oval Fancy Stone, a modern take on a classic cut that also has strong Art Deco appeal; it is perfect for retro-tinged items. All four Fancy Stones can be matched with the new updated assortment of un-plated settings, suitable for all colors and effects.

Column Bead (one hole) and Column Bead (two holes) are this season’s newcomers to the Bead assortment. At first glance uncomplicated and simple, they each have a unisex elegance that complements a flashy centerpiece, yet works brilliantly as a stand-alone of impeccable, minimalist elegance. Both Beads work well for Art Deco-inspired pieces, as well as for graphic and sporty designs. The two holes stabilize Beads when strung together in bracelets, while the one-hole functions as a spinning element on earrings.

Joining this category is Crystal Mesh Ball, a versatile new product in three sizes, featuring a perfect combination of a Crystal Pearl covered with sparkling Crystal Mesh. Superb for imparting an air of sparkling and high-end opulence.

Team up Beads or Crystal Pearls with Mini Rondelles from the Plastic Trimmings category: with their extended variety of colors and effects, they provide links that work effectively to prevent the build-up of friction.

Pushing the boundaries of technology with XILION once again, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has created an upgraded XILION Bi-Cone Pendant (art. 6328) to replace the previous Bi-Cone Pendant (art. 6301). With its increased number of alternating large and small facets, producing particularly intense light reflection, it combines brilliantly with Beads and Crystal Pearls for accessories and jewelry, requiring only a jump ring, chain or cord. Also joining the category is the futuristic, elongated Ellipse Pendant, reflecting the trend towards techno, graphic and sporty looks for men and women.

A new Crystal Button continues the theme
New to this category is a playful crystalline take on the utilitarian dufflecoat toggle: the new Dufflecoat Crystal Button comes in three colors and eight effects. When its large holes are threaded with thick yarns, leather or cord, the effect instantly becomes cool and modern.

Introducing the new Chessboard Family
Chessboard is a highly functional new product family of matching cuts in 12 colors. The pattern provides a unified ensemble look while still allowing the creation of highly individual designs. Launched as a product family within the Semi-finished Products assortment for the first time, it includes the Jeans Button, Crystal Rivet, Snap Fastener and the Decorative Button. Chessboard goes as well with unisex denim and sporty looks as it does with classic and architectural styles, adding a touch of class to accessories and giving textiles a glamorous twist.
Blending technical excellence with high-octane creativity, the latest selection of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is poised to set the world of design on fire. Light-filled and authentic, imaginative and innovative, they will inspire new expressions of creativity among artists and craftsmen everywhere.

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