INNOVATIONS: Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Innovations Celebrate Positive Thinking

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Fusion Concepts offer a bold new look
Following the trend for a refined glamorous look, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS complements its assortment with a totally new direction: Fusion Concepts, a new interpretation of crystal with other types of materials. The first innovation in this product group is Crystal Mosaic. Crystal Mosaic, an extraordinary new concept based on opalescent color fusions, provides a contemporary – and highly original – take on crystal innovation. Mosaic Amber Opal, Mosaic Pacific Opal, Mosaic Purple Opaque, Mosaic Sand Opal and Mosaic White Opal complete a kaleidoscope picture built of clear crystal, opal colors and special opaque effects. Available in a range of Bead and Pendant cuts, Crystal Mosaic can be combined with all existing crystal elements giving a highly sophisticated twist to a natural stone effect.

New colors and effects inspire optimism
From barely-there tones to shiny fuchsia opal and gold metallics, the latest colors and effects in the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range offer creative minds a glittering crystal selection with which to create joyful pieces:

 Image Greige
Perfectly in line with the ongoing trend for opalescence, the subtle tones of Greige bring refinement and elegance to the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS color range. The hue’s understated shine allows for sophisticated color combinations and tone-on-tone applications.

 Image Cyclamen Opal
Fuchsia conveys ideas of happiness, beauty and femininity. Soft yet shiny, Cyclamen Opal is a glorious complement to the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS color range – a delicate highlight in tone-on-tone combinations with, for example, reds, fuchsias and browns.

 Image Crystal Metallic Light Gold
Rich and precious looking, Crystal Metallic Light Gold is a scintillating addition to the range of metallic effects. Its light, shimmering tones provide a gorgeous accent to on-trend demure styles and vintage looks.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS reach new heights of sophistication
With its vintage good looks that hark back to the Bright Young Things of the 1920s, the baguette shaped Pendular Lochrose suggests designs that are both sleek and spirited. Its pendant-style hole and flatter shape open the door to truly unique creations, using techniques such as sewing and embroidery as well as wiring and beading.

The XILION Bead upgrade combines complex, precision-cut faceting and perfect geometry to create a crystal of unrivalled luminosity. Alongside superior levels of reflection, refraction and scintillation that clearly differentiate it from market competitors, the bead also boasts a rounder equator for increased wearing comfort. With its complex cut and increased number of facets, the upgraded XILION Pendant is of unmatched sparkle and irresistible magnetism. Light-filled and luxurious, the new pendant makes possible glamorous, brilliant designs using techniques such as chain mail, macramé and beading.

The geometric shape and asymmetric cut of the Cosmic Baguette Flat Back and triangular-shaped Cosmic Delta Flat Back provide limitless highly contemporary design options for any surface decoration technique. Elegant and refined, the XILION Pear Fancy Stone upgrade outshines, while the Art-Deco inspired Chessboard Bead is a perfect expression of understated luxury. In tune with today’s vogue for charms and symbols the Fish Bead and Fish Pendant combine a playful shape with a brilliant cut. The Navette Pendant echoes famous fine jewelry cuts, a timeless classic ideal as a centerpiece for necklaces or dangling earrings, for example.

 Image Semi-finished Products reinterpret vintage styles
An antique look receives a modern twist in a new collection of Filigrees. Offering endless versatility, the series of fine crystal-studded flower shapes can be beautifully combined with other Beads, Crystal Pearls, Pendants, Cupchains & Findings in many handicraft techniques, including needlework and wiring. Available in a wide range of crystal color and metal platings, the filigrees strike a delicate and cheerful note and add a professional look to any piece.

Dazzling innovations
A blend of poetic artistry and technical excellence, this new selection of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS innovations is destined to light the imaginations of designers across the creative spectrum, inspiring them to produce pieces that radiate high-luxe charm and positivity.

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