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STEP 1: Cut chain as follows: two pieces of 4 links, two of 5 links, one of 6 links, four of 8 links and one each of 12, 13, 15, 16, 46 and 30 links as shown in the illustrations.

STEP 2: Open a 4 mm jump ring and attach it to an eye pin and through one end of the 6 and 13 link chains so the eye pin is in between the chains (see illustration). Add the following chains (5 links, 4 links & 8 links) with 4 mm jump rings placing an eye pin in between each one as shown in the illustration. insert a swarovski bead art.
5000 3 mm jet on the fi rst eye pin and on to the other eye pins insert 3, 5 and 7 swarovski beads article 5000 3 mm jet as shown.

STEP 3: Thread the bottom most eye pin through the 17th link of the 46 links chain. The eye pin above it should go through the 8th link, the one above it through the 7th and then the last one through the 6th link of the chain.
Insert the same number of swarovski beads article 5000 3 mm jet on to each eye pin as was done in step 2. Make a loop in the end of the last eye pin.

For Steps 4 to 8 and patterns, please download the PDF instruction.

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