Book Cover: Love
Paper & Packaging, designed by CREATE YOUR STYLE DESIGN TEAM, Austria


Step 1: Cut 2 pieces (23 x 34 cm) of 0.5 mm card board and 2 pieces (33.5 x 21 cm) of 0.3 mm card board.

Step 2: Take the 0.3 mm card board, score with cutter after 2.2 cm in from edge - do not cut all the way through. Punch 2 holes with punching pliers (see illustration). Repeat step with 2nd 0.3 mm card board piece.

Step 3: Cut 2 pieces (23 x 34 cm) of Dacron.

Step 4: Cut 2 pieces (44 x 33 cm) from the satin fabric.

Step 5: Put the layers together – start with 1 piece of satin (wrong side up) – then 1 piece of Dacron and then 1 piece of 0.5 mm thick card board.

For Steps 6 to 13 consult the download-able instruction

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