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STEP 1: Cut 30 cm of 0.6 mm nylon thread and make a knot at one end. Slide on one each of the Swarovski Beads art. 5000 8 mm and 6 mm Jet Hematite and go through the lobster clasp.

STEP 2: Slide the long nylon thread end back through both SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and make a knot. Leaving a distance of 18 cm, slide on the next two Swarovski Beads, go through the split ring and back through the Beads and tie a knot as shown in the illustration. Repeat steps 1 – 2 one more time to make a similar string.

STEP 3: Cut the nylon tubing to a length of 20 cm. Pull the nylon threads through the tubing as shown in the illustrations.

The beading process starts exactly at the middle of this tubing (see the illustrations in this step).
There should be 3x 4 mm Beads and 2x 3 mm Beads in this row. Attach the Swarovski Beads as shown in
the beading scheme in the illustration. Melt the ends to balls with a lighter as shown.

Step 4 to Step 6 can be found in the download-able Instruction.

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