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STEP 1: Cut a piece of 10 x 110 cm fabric into connected strips of about 1.5 cm width as shown in the illustrations to get a total length of 6.6 m. Slide on the following SWARO VSKI ELEMENTS: art. 4139 15 mm Crystal Red Magma, 4139 15 mm Crystal Sahara, 4437 14 mm Crystal Red Magma, 4139 15 mm Crystal Sahara and 4139 15 mm Crystal Red Magma.

STEP 2: Make a slip knot and place the knot on a crochet hook. Slide through the loop on the hook and repeat this step until you have a total of 27 stitches.

STEP 3: T he second row is a simple crochet starting into a chain stitch. The alternate 3rd row constitutes one chain stitch and 5 crochet after which a gap of 5 cm is left to insert the Swarovski Setting art. 4470/S and Fancy Stone art. 4470 12 mm Pacific Opal F (which has to be fixed in the Setting with the help of tweezers) as shown in the illustrations.

For Steps 4 to 9 and patterns, please download the PDF instruction.

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