Zoey’s Favorites

Inspired by the latest trends, and created with love, and little time or financial investment, we bring you “Zoey’s Favorites”, our upcoming series of cool DIY projects. Making them is a fun and artsy thing to do – even better, they can be completed in minutes. Give them as homemade gifts to friends and family, or just keep them for yourself!

Zoey’s Favorites: 8 Fabulous necklaces!

This is the next in my series of favorite DIY projects: Fabulous necklaces!

I’ve been inspired by the latest trends to create some beautiful designs, each one simple to follow, lots of fun and inexpensive, and I’m super-excited to share them with you. There’s something for everyone: From full-on statement looks to catch the eye, to subtle and sophisticated designs that’ll take you from desk to dinner.

You could have a new look in minutes. They make perfect gifts, too.

 Design image

  • Choker Dark Rainbow

  • Necklace Sparkling Pen...

  • Collier Shiny Curb Chain

  • Necklace Pure Bubbles

  • Necklace Charming Stars

  • Necklace Hand of Fatima

  • Necklace Magic Symbols

  • Necklace Concrete Icicle

Zoey’s Favorites: 8 Fabulous Sparkling Bracelets

You’ll sparkle in style with these stunning bracelets—great for giving your look an instant update, and right for every occasion. Wear them singly for a pared-back look, or let them snake up your arm in swirls of colorful mix-‘n’-match crystals and novelties. Whether you’re looking for pure simplicity, elegant sophistication, or a full-on statement, these bracelets are young, cool, and couldn’t be easier to make. What’s more, they won’t break the bank!

 Design image

  • And Forever Bracelet

  • Polka Dots Bangle

  • Dragonfly Bracelet

  • Edelweiss Bracelet

  • Glamorous Bangle

  • Multichain Bracelet

  • Talisman Bangles

  • We Love Patches

10 Fabulous Sparkling Earrings

These fabulous earrings are as easy to create as they are hip to wear. With super-easy step-by-step instructions, a list of materials you’ll need, and a picture to show how they look, you’ll be wearing them literally 15 minutes later. Stay tuned for more sparkling designs to follow!

 Design image

  • Jellyfish Earrings

  • Scarab Earrings

  • Black Tiger Earrings

  • Cascade Earrings

  • Sparkling Color Earrings

  • Flotsam Earrings

  • Dragonfly Earrings

  • Infinity Earrings

  • Exotic Earrings

  • Rock Star Earrings

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