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Theme of the Month: “Festival Fever”


Summer doesn’t feel like summer without rocking out at a music festival. From family-friendly raves to boutique “glamping”, if you haven’t got your checklist done, waste no time, ’cause this summer is loaded with options. Go old school with flower tiaras or Woodstock floatiness (check the weather forecast first), or go modern in cyber punk or cowboy looks. But whatever you choose, remember to take your festival staples: denim cut-offs, boho jewelry, funky bag and bandana. It’s time to embrace fringes, floppy hats and all the other festival accessories you’ve been waiting all year to wear.

And don’t forget the three golden rules: customize, customize, customize! So line up the crystals you’ll need for sexy earrings and bracelets; make a colorful tribal trim for your hat; and get a funky festival manicure that will make your friends jealous. Then just tune in and get that weekend festival vibe!


Stringing: This is so easy that it hardly qualifies as a “technique” at all: just string crystals onto thread, cord, or even ribbon, depending on the size of the hole. With limitless colors available, you can achieve any number of design possibilities.
Knotting: The “Crowning Hippie Chic” hat project uses a technique called a “Surgeon’s Knot”, which worth mastering, as it’s a lot less likely to untie itself. It’s similar to the regular square knot, but with this difference: When you’re doing the first half of the knot, instead of taking one thread around the other thread just once, you wrap around it twice. This tight double-wrap will hold securely while you do the second half of the square knot in the usual way.


Check out our board on Pinterest to get into the mood for this month’s special theme.


The Create Your Style Trend & Design team created the designs inspired by this month’s “Festival Fever” theme. As usual, they come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each week we’ll bring you a new design, so stay tuned.

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  • Earrings Dancing Tassels

  • Hat Crowning Hippie Chic

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