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Theme of the Month: “Sandy Camel”


Natural simplicity brings a new kind of contentment. Surrounding ourselves with less quantity gives us more time to focus on quality. This is nothing new for the Japanese, who have been living this way for centuries, preferring refinement, meaning and beautiful craftsmanship over mass production. In the West, “less is more” has also been a mantra since the early 20th century, and it has subtly shaped our approach to fashion.

Now we’re talking less of everything: Reduce, reduce, reduce. Pare down your possessions. Accessorize with just one single attention-grabbing piece of jewelry, handcrafted with love from sustainable materials. Give your favorite sweatshirt a new lease of life with graphic crystal embellishment. Recreate household utensils as modern heirlooms full of personal meaning using minimalist decoration. Reflect this new consciousness in subtle nail art. Go raw, natural and earthy this fall—sometimes all you need is less.


Painting and gluing: Both techniques are straightforward:
All you need in order to achieve a graphic splash of decorative paint on an item is a roll of household masking tape (or decorator’s tape); then section off the area that will be painted so as to create a clean line, and you’re ready to start.
For gluing you’ll need tweezers, crystals, a tube of glue, and a soft cloth to wipe away excess glue—that’s it. But make sure that the surface you’re gluing is completely clean, dry, and free from grease or oil.

Clay modeling: Clay is a super-versatile material for jewelry making because it’s so easy to sculpt, model and mold into whatever shape and texture you want. What’s more, once it’s cured and sealed, it’s completely durable. There are various types to choose from, such as polymer clay or metal clay, so first select the one that suits your project. Next, decide on your design and how you want to embellish it—Swarovski crystals such as Round Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix and Fancy Stones will all work well. Then press them into the clay and let it dry.


Check out our board on Pinterest to get into the mood for this month’s special theme.


The Create Your Style Trend & Design team created the designs inspired by this month’s “Sandy Camel” theme. As usual, they come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each week we’ll come up with a new design, so stay tuned.

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  • Tray Floated Triangles

  • Nail Design Sandy Camel

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