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Trend of the Month: “A Touch of Velvet”


If you think that velvet is best reserved for ball gowns and smoking jackets, think again: this winter it’s literally everywhere, so show your softer side by adding velvet accents to your look and to your décor. In fact, “show your royal side” would be more appropriate, because velvet dates back to ancient China and Egypt, when the weaving process was so laborious that it was available only to royalty and the super-wealthy. Of course, as soon as the rest of the world heard about it there was a stampede!

Very few fabrics rival velvet’s plush-luxe appeal, but its cleverness lies in its versatility: not only is it slinky and sultry for evening, it also looks professional in the office, and inviting when used in interior décor. In fact, get your velvet right, and everything it touches will look a million dollars. Deep-hued tones such as jet-black, jewel green, indigo and rich burgundy are often regarded as velvet’s staple colors, but it also works beautifully in dusty gray, caramel and rose shades. And for an up-to-the-minute Fall/Winter 2017 spin try the shade du jour, “millennial pink,” with its delicate apricot-salmon, nude-meets-grapefruit hue. So, get the look this holiday season with pops of velvet lit up with crystals from Swarovski. A choker will draw the eye toward the face, and a beautiful trim will transform a pair of party pumps. Add extra richness and warmth to a room with a velvet pillow or a framed picture that captures the festive mood. Merry Christmas!


Sewing: Thread a needle and sew Swarovski crystals onto your velvet either by hand or using a standard sewing machine.

Gluing: Lay your choice of Flat Back Hotfix crystals out on a table alongside tweezers, a tube of glue, and a soft cloth to use for wiping away any excess. Make sure the surface that you’re gluing is completely clean, dry, and free from grease or oil.

Glass painting: You don’t have to be an experienced artist to create something interesting to put in a frame. We created ours using a glass pen (you can choose between permanent or a temporary ink). Print off a template of the writing style you like; stick it to the reverse side of the glass so that when you look at it from the other side, the writing reads backwards; now just trace it. Allow it to dry, and then see if it needs to be repeated to get a more solid look.


The Create Your Style Trend & Design team created the designs inspired by this month’s “A Touch of Velvet” theme. As usual, they come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each week we’ll come up with a new design, so stay tuned.


Check out our Pinterest board to get into the mood for this month’s special theme.

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