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Theme of the Month: “Snow Paradise”


It doesn’t matter whether you ski like an Olympian, flop around like a snow bunny, or stick strictly to “meet me by the fire” social encounters, you’ll still need to defrost with cozy knits that are chic and practical. So start planning a cool ski wardrobe that will transition neatly from the piste to the chalet. When the digits drop so low that you can’t feel your ears, reach for a cute, temperature-regulating pom-pom hat to keep your head warm. Sprinkle it with crystals to stand out from the crowd. (Don’t worry about your hair: Pile it in a bun on your head, pull your hat over it, and when you take it down it will look stylishly wavy.) While you’re thinking about your technical skiwear and shearling jacket, remember some soft and slouchy socks. Don’t just settle for a pack of drab gray ones—give your feet a dash of personality by customizing them with classy crystals and perky pom-poms. Then stretch out in front of the fire, raise a glass of Glühwein, and toast the good life!


Make a pom-pom. Create a template resembling four horseshoes, cut them out and glue them to cardboard. Cut around the lines and then bend the dotted lines to create a pom-pom maker. Hold two horseshoe shapes together and wrap yarn around them. Keep wrapping until the semi-circle in the middle is filled up with yarn. Snip the end of the yarn. Repeat with the other horseshoe shapes. You now have two circular bundles of yarn. Put them together so they form a full circle and tape the rectangular tabs to hold the halves together. Slide a pair of small scissors between the two layers of cardboard and cut the yarn all the way round. Now cut off a length of yarn and slide it between the layers of cardboard and wrap it round the “waist” of the pom-pom. Pull tight and knot it twice to secure it. Snip the scotch tape that is holding the two haves together and remove all four pieces of the cardboard pom-pom maker. You now have a rough ball shape, which you can enjoy trimming to make it perfectly spherical.

Sewing: This is so simple—just thread a needle and sew your Swarovski crystals onto whatever material you like either by hand or with a standard sewing machine.

Gluing: Lay out on a table the Flat Back Hotfix crystals of your choice, tweezers, a tube of glue, and a soft cloth to wipe away any excess. Make sure the surface you’re gluing is completely clean, dry, and free from grease or oil. Now get gluing!


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The Create Your Style Trend & Design team created the designs inspired by this month’s “Snow Paradise” theme. As usual, they come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each week we’ll come up with a new design, so stay tuned.

  • Cap Après Ski

  • Socks Cozy Winter

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