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Theme of the Month: “Love, Kiss & Stripes”


Hurry up, summer! We’re totally over our winter wardrobe already. That’s why we’re loving the return to monochromatic stripes—there’s something jaunty about stripes that shouts: “Get ready for sunny weather!” But don’t think of them purely in terms of clothing—wear them as dainty bows at your ears, or as the base material for bracelets that you can glitter up with crystals.

Alternatively, go pop art with a luscious red lip motif. Spread the love around sneakers, bags—anything with a pale background on which you can paint a puckered-up, lipstick-stained kiss. Then add pops of sparkle with randomly applied heart-shaped crystals.

The surreal “evil eye” has been around in jewelry design for centuries, worn as a protective talisman. Today, thanks to Madonna, Paris Hilton, Salma Hayek and Britney Spears who have all been spotted wearing jewelry incorporating the eye motif, it’s a fashion statement. Get the look with long, eye-themed, crystal earrings—try wearing just one on its own for a confident, on-trend statement. Speaking of eyes, eyelashes are a sweetly quirky embellishment for SS17, too: create crystalline versions on everything from drawstring bags to plain white shirts. Get playful!


Gluing: Put all the tools on a table: your choice of Flat Back Hotfix crystals, tweezers, a tube of glue, and a soft cloth to wipe away excess glue. Make sure the surface you’re gluing is completely clean, dry, and free from grease or oil. Using the tweezers, pick up a stone, carefully place it in position, and press down gently. Curing time and final gluing strength depend on temperature: it takes 24 hours at room temperature, but you can speed up the process by placing the item in a warm oven (100ºC / 212º F max.) for up to 1 hour.

Ironing: Swarovski’s smart Hotfix technology makes crystals easy to apply using an ordinary ironing press or conventional iron—Flat Backs Hotfix and Transfers are particularly well suited to this method. Make sure the sole plate has no steam holes or the water vapor could spoil the result. Once it’s heated, the glue on the reverse of the crystals binds to the surface of the fabric:
–Place your item on a flat surface, then set your iron to a moderate 120ºC–170ºC / 250ºC–340ºF, or between one and two points, or the silk/wool setting.
–Tuck in a piece of thick paper to protect it from indentation marks caused by pressing down on the crystals.
–Turn the item inside out and press the iron directly onto the transfer without moving it.
–Let it cool, and then carefully remove the transfer paper.


Check out our board on Pinterest to get into the mood for this month’s special theme.


The Create Your Style Trend & Design team created the designs inspired by this month’s “Love, Kiss & Stripes” theme. As usual, they come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each week we’ll come up with a new design, so stay tuned.

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  • Bracelet Better Stripes

  • Earrings Crystal Eye

  • Sneakers Kiss Kiss

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