SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS offers Flat Backs and Transfers with special Hotfix glue on the backside of the crystals to
apply them quickly and easily by using heat – for example an iron without steam holes.

Swarovski´s Hotfix technology allows crystals to be applied quickly and easily using a simple ironing press or a conventional iron. Even better results can be achieved by using an iron with no steam holes in the sole plate. Transfers and Flat Backs Hotfix are Swarovski crystal components which are particularly well suited to ironing.

Transfers, which come in many different motifs, as well as single flat backs hotfix can easily be ironed on fabric, like for example on t-shirts or jeans. As shown in the CHAPTER GLUING, you can also create your own, individual motif on a carrier foil with flat backs hotfix and iron them on fabric. For the application with an iron, please follow the instruction:
  • Make sure that the plate of the iron has no steam outlets. Water and steam have a detrimental effect on the results. Always iron on a level, firm, stable surface.
  • Choose an iron temperature between 120°C and 170°C (250°F – 340°F), or use an iron setting between one and two points, or choose the symbol for silk/wool or a similar moderate temperature. A Teflon pad will protect the plate from glue residues.
  • If necessary, tuck a piece of thick paper into the item of clothing to protect it from indentation marks caused by crystal elements.
  • Put the iron directly on the transfer (turn inside out) and apply moderate pressure without moving the iron.
  • To finish, let the piece cool down and then carefully remove the transparent foil.

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