Wire is a very versatile element, which is easy to apply to all kinds of designs. By working with loops, charm bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings can easily be made. The use of chain-nose and/or round-nose pliers and wire or pins is needed in order to create loops or spirals.

Wrapped pendant loop

You can use wire for fixing pendants and also beads.

 Design image


When working with pins – either head pins or eye pins – it is the wiring technique that is used.


  1. Thread the beads onto the pins.
  2. Make the loop.
  3. Cut off excess head pin material with a side cutter.
  4. Attach the newly formed loop to another loop or any other findings such as earring loops

Plain headpin loop

 Design image

Wrapped headpin loop

 Design image


 Design image

Spiral wiring

You can use wire as a decorative element in the form of spirals.
 Design image

Wire ornament

You can use loops as ornamentation, but also at the end of memory wire for securing beads.  Design image
  • Pins

  • French Wire

  • Necklace Bars

  • Spring Mechanism

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