Design image Anna Almbani


Country: Greece

Design/Expertise-related information

What technique(s) are you particularly focusing on?
Mainly Beading but I do love to mix techniques.

Since when have you already been holding workshops?
Since 1997.

What fascinates you about using Swarovski crystals?
The elegance they bring to every design. You can never go wrong with Swarovski Crystals. The variety of shades allows you to use them anytime of the day, in any occasion and always achieve the most gracious look.

What is your favorite Swarovski crystals color?
Indian Siam and Blush Rose.

What is your favorite Swarovski crystal?
The Blush Rose is unique.

What is your favorite design you have ever created with Swarovski crystals?
The ones I designed for the Christmas Crystal Pixie Collection, “Sparkling Moments”.

Personal information

What are your hobbies?
Skeet shooting.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, stubborn, intuitive.

What would you definitely take with you on a lonely island?
My dog Marley.

What is the first thing at the day you usually do?
Drink coffee.

What is your motto of life?
“Tell me that I can’t and I will show you I can.”

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