Design image Zoya Chislova

Zoya Chislova

Country: Russia

Design/Expertise-related information

What technique(s) are you particularly focusing on?
Soutache embroidery

Since when have you already been holding workshops?
Since 2012.

What fascinates you about using Swarovski crystals?
I like their shine, cuts, wide choice of colors and shapes and excellent quality! I believe Swarovski crystals bring texture and sophistication to every design, and color effects reflecting the sun.

What is your favorite Swarovski crystals color?
Surely, Crystal iridescent green pearl.

What is your favorite Swarovski crystal?
Trilliant, Oval, Lemon.

What is your favorite design you have ever created with Swarovski crystals?

Personal information

What are your hobbies?
In spite of beading and working with soutache embroidery I like to spend time with my family. I like reading, doing fitness and I’m passionate fan of cars!

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Energetic, positive and optimistic personality!

What would you definitely take with you on a lonely island?
I would go there with my husband and my daughter. I would get a bulk of interesting books and all my reserves of beads and soutache. … and some matches – it’s too difficult to get fire with frictions.

What is the first thing at the day you usually do?
I open my eyes with difficulty, go the kitchen where I take my strong morning tea in silence.

What is your motto of life?
Dreams come true if you are ready to fight for it!

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