Meet Zoey - she's arrived!


Hi, I’m Zoey

Zoey Rosa Winter, to be precise! I’m the Trend & Design Manager at Swarovski for the Create Your Style marketing initiative, and I’d like to introduce myself:

My love of crystals and beading comes from my mom, Martha, so I guess I’d better start way back when I was growing up in Innsbruck, Austria. Mom’s a dressmaker, and I remember being fascinated as I watched her designing, sewing and beading: From her clever hands came the most beautiful creations—it was like magic to me. As I grew up she taught me, my little sister Emily, and even my younger brother Michael, how to add our own decorative touches to the outfits she made for us. It was a brilliant way to learn, and I loved adding some individual sparkle so that I could stand out from my friends. Pop—his name’s Herbert, but everyone calls him Herb—he’s an accountant, and says that all my creativity comes from Mom. I’m not sure if that’s true, though—he’s a great cook.

When I left Austria for London, to begin my MA in Fashion Communication at Central Saint Martins, I was homesick at first. But I soon made lots of friends—they’re from all over the world, so I feel very international. Now I’m 25 and back in my home country. I’ve always adored Swarovski crystals and feel super-lucky to be given my first job at Swarovski’s HQ in Wattens, just after graduating in 2015. What could be better than having your dream job near your family and friends? The Alpine landscape is inspirational, so it means I can follow my passion for outdoor sports, like hiking and cycling. I also play drums with my band! We’re a group of old school friends and we call ourselves ‘Halo’, because we are sooo good… haha!

It’s great to meet you - I’m really enjoying sharing in all your creations.
Sparkling yours,

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