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Latest Designs

  • March 2015

  • 09.03.2015

  • 16.03.2015

  • 23.03.2015

  • 30.03.2015

  • March 2015

  • 09.03.2015

  • 16.03.2015

  • 23.03.2015

  • 30.03.2015

  • Necklace Sparkling Wood

  • Earrings Glittering Pa...

  • Necklace Shimmering Ch...

  • Earrings Lighting Ibiza

  • Bracelet Glittering Ok...

  • Necklace Purple Drops

  • Necklace Flashy Spikes

  • Bracelet Shimmering Gr...

  • Bracelet Crystal Rose ...

  • Sparkling Peruvian Nights

  • Necklace Shimmering Pi...

  • Necklace Sparkling Frida

  • Earrings Patina Spike

  • Bracelet Vivid Butterf...

  • Earrings Sparkling Dots

  • Bracelet Sparkling Hearts

  • Bracelet Sparkling Dots

  • Earrings Glistening Su...

  • Earrings Twinkling Bal...

  • Ring Sparkling Lolly

  • Bangle Shimmering Star...

  • Hair Clips Sparkling C...

  • Necklace Brilliant Rai...

  • Earrings Sparkling Cor...

  • Bracelet Candy Pearls

  • Bracelet Wonderful Pas...

  • Sparkling Bunny Ears

  • Earrings Happy Flowers

  • Necklace Little Bow

  • Necklace Bouquet of Fl...

  • Earrings Sparkling Ici...

  • Necklace Sparkling Spring

  • Bracelet Charming High...

  • Bracelet Sparkling Skulls

  • Necklace Skull, Skull,...

  • Earrings Antarctic

  • Necklace Frozen Drops

  • Necklace Rock ‘n Rol...

  • Necklace Tender Heart

  • Necklace Color Parade

  • Necklace Christmas Sta...

  • Necklace Sparkling Fel...

  • Necklace Gloomy Nights

  • Earrings Rocky Elegance

  • Necklace Circle of Twins

  • Necklace Charming Rose...

  • Sparkling Paper Leaves

  • Decoration Happy Thank...

  • Bookend Sparkling Peng...

  • Brooch Christmas Star

  • Necklace Fancy Knitting

  • Shoe Decoration Black ...

  • Necklace Thievish Magpie

  • Halloween Mask Samantha

  • Necklace Purple Affairs

  • Necklace Into The Blue

  • Bracelet Dome Bead

  • Necklace Indian Summer

  • Hair Band Oktoberfest

  • Necklace Dark Shadows

  • Smartphone Case Neon

  • Lamp Shade Crystal Pearls

  • Clutch Hot in the City

  • Bangle Metallic Power

  • T-Shirt Stripes All-Over

  • Wall Clock Paper Time

  • Earrings Flower Garden

  • Necklace Hidden Cascade

  • Necklace Handmade Setting

  • Set Fruit Basket

  • Necklace Pink Roses

  • Necklace Polka Dots

  • Bangles Sparkling Mesh

  • Necklace Dipped Lace

  • Necklace Wooden Mix

  • Brooch Rainy Days

  • Wall Hooks Tea Time

  • Necklace Gothic Glamour

  • Necklace Sparkling Hearts

  • Necklace Shades of Blue

  • Bracelet Swallow

  • Earrings Big Sparkle

  • Bracelet Spring Meadow

  • Earrings Broken Porcelain

  • Bracelet Spring Drops

  • Bag Flower Fields

  • Necklace Hidden Cascade

  • Collar Chained Shafts ...

  • Ring Sparkling Zipper

  • Necklace Colorful Frost

  • Beauty Case Sparkling ...

  • Necklace Broken Porcelain

  • Necklace Sparkling Zipper

  • Collar Hidden Flower B...

  • Collar Wooden Bird

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