INNOVATIONS: Spring/Summer 2010


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A bold new palette of designs
The latest colors and effects in the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS range will inspire artists everywhere - fresh, modern, understated designs are set for a major comeback.

Air Blue Opal channels the growing popularity of opalescent colors, combining white and blue to subtly, yet glamorously accentuate the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS line.

Red symbolizes fire and blood, passion and hatred. Crystal Red Magma perfectly complements the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS color palette, giving materials of all kinds an air of strength or tenderness.

The smooth luster of New Crystal Platinum Pearl imparts an understated elegance. Always on trend, this timeless, yet contemporary shade forms the perfect complement to traditional pearl colors.

Timeless beauty meets modern flair
The Chessboard cut is a modern take on New Look chic. Now available in both Flat Back Hotfix and Sew-on Stone varieties, the latest additions to the Chessboard collection allow countless new applications for sewing, knitting and other fine textiles.

With its smooth curves and asymmetric facets, the stunning Cosmic Oval Fancy Stone – the latest in the Ring Fancy Stones range – is ideal for a whole range of techniques, including classical beading methods.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS introduces its first fancy shapes in microscopic sizes with the Mini Triangle, Mini Pear, Mini Blossom and Mini Heart Fancy Stones. These tiny precision-cut crystal elements, which are primarily used with eyewear and watch products, combine equally well with polymer-based or clay-based designs (such as those with silver).

A new Ring Bead contrasts square facets with a rounded shape. With its large central hole and small horizontal hole, it can be combined with smaller elements and Crystal Pearls for playfully innovative effects.

The dynamic shape and asymmetric cut of the Graphic Cube Bead are in perfect accordance with rising popularity of irregular angular forms. Bold and beautiful, this bead’s brilliance is unmatched.

The Disk Pendant puts a contemporary spin on a classic shape. Its multiple shimmering facets and large central hole allow exciting new combinations in areas ranging from jewelry to home décor.

Designed by Andrée Putman in collaboration with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS the Lily, Dragonfly and Orchid Pendants transform natural forms into sophisticated, elegant pendants are stunning both alone and in combination with other stones or materials.

Inspiring innovations for CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Brilliant and dazzling, luxurious and precious, this latest SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS innovation is sure to inspire designers and artists everywhere while taking the concepts of individuality and self-expression to a whole new level of sophistication. The CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS initiative heralds a new era of customized creativity and uniquely individual elegance.

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